From Product Concept to Market Leadership

Product Management & Marketing Consultants

  • Advance key initiatives using accomplished pro's
  • Create product & portfolio strategies, plans, roadmaps
  • Strengthen product management with best practices
  • Gain objective insight on product, market opportunities

From Strategy to Product to Market

Innovate, Assess, Improve

Like most businesses, our clients look to drive growth by launching compelling new products and services that capture customers' hearts and minds. They also recognize the difficulty in identifying and developing the right solutions solving the right problems for the right customers.

Deacon Lloyd helps businesses bolster all aspects of their product management function, and as a result, strengthen their product portfolio; their ideation and innovation practices; market insight, idea nurturing, concept assessment, approval & prioritization. This upper portion of the product pipeline is so crucial that those who do it well... Learn More

Product Innovation Consultants
Product Development Consultants

Managing the Muck of Product Development

This is where things can really get bogged down. Too often, the excitement of a new product opportunity is eroded by delays, cost overruns, and feature trimming. Even the best product managers find this aspect of product management to be treacherous.

Deacon Lloyd will help you navigate the product development process and avoid the many pitfalls that are so common. Whether it's introducing and tailoring best practices to your organization or rolling-up our sleeves to help you manage the development a key new product, we can ensure... Learn More

It's Called 'Launch' For A Reason

A new product's first 90 days in the market can set a trajectory for accelerated and sustained market success -- or prolonged 'recovery' efforts. Developing innovative new products is hard enough, so why not give your new product the chance it deserves?

Deacon Lloyd's product marketing consulting services help companies design and execute go-to-market plans that maximize the likelihood of new product success. Our launch marketing consultants help businesses accelerate market penetration, increase sales effectiveness, lower cost of customer acquisition, and improve organizational readiness... Learn More

Product Launch Consultants
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Where Is Your Roadmap Taking You?

Are you sure your business is addressing its best product and market opportunities? Sometimes the challenges of day-to-day product management or the burden of unwieldly planning processes get in the way of thoughtful, discerning product plans, market plans & roadmaps that address near- and long-term opportunities to expand market share, develop new markets, and generate profitable growth.

In fact, without first-rate product planning, your business will be consigned to grow with second-rate products while missing game-changing opportunities. As product management and marketing specialists, we know what it takes build and adjust product strategies and plans based on market realities... Learn More

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