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“Go ahead and act as if your decisions are temporary. Because they are. Be bold, make mistakes, learn a lesson, and fix what doesn't work.” – Seth Godin

Product Launch Consulting Services

There is no better way to maximize new product success than through effective product launch marketing. Deacon Lloyd's product launch consultants help businesses develop and execute go-to-market plans for non-retail business markets. We help ensure organizational readiness, improve sales effectiveness, and accelerate market penetration.

In a world of tight budgets, noisy markets, and agile competitors, rolling-out new products and services requires expertise, discipline, and creativity. Having launched hundreds of products across multiple industries, our proven product launch executives provide the know-how and capabilities needed for launch success -- from strategic design and budgeting through tactical execution, including:

Launch Strategy, Launch Plan Launch Strategy & Planning

We help your team determine or refine targeting, positioning, messaging, channel, and pricing strategies; develop creative briefs and branding mats for Marcomm; flesh-out new product launch plans with programs for awareness, lead gen, and channels; create associated budgets...

Product Launch Marketing Marketing Execution

We assist client teams and their agencies with developing online & print ads; developing social media strategies & content; creating internal and customer communication & FAQs; updating website content, supporting customer events & tradeshows...

Media Relations Media Relations

We assist client teams and their agencies with developing press releases, endorsements, media interviews, analyst briefings, PR events, article placements, keynote/speaking engagements...

Sales tools, Training Sales Tools & Training

We'll help create customer and sales communication collateral, including brochures, product sheets, presentations, email templates, pricing guides, case studies, white papers, customer testimonials, training materials for direct and partner channels...

Product Launch Readiness Operational Readiness

We help ensure support teams are trained and ready to handle projected volumes, including sales operations, ordering, customer care, product / service delivery, tech support, and billing. We'll ensure all systems and processes are updated and ready...

Product Launch Management Management & Measurement

We can orchestrate the entire launch effort to ensure a cohesive, effective launch, including overall product launch management. We'll also help establish processes to collect and analyze data to measure success and identify opportunities to improve...

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