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Strengthen Your Growth Engine

While sales and marketing provide the fuel to propel revenues, product management is the engine that powers long-term growth through innovative products & services. So, when revenues and profits consistently disappoint, underperforming product management is likely a key culprit.

In fact, product management & product marketing drive so many components of growth and profitability that businesses simply cannot enjoy consistent long-term success without superior product management & marketing.

Problem is, many businesses lack the time, manpower or expertise to do it well. That's where Deacon Lloyd can help.

Product Management Consulting Services

Businesses use Deacon Lloyd consultants to:

  • Improve innovation, speed-to-market, and new product performance with best practices that strengthen their product management function;
  • Supply short-term professional manpower to fill gaps in resources or expertise (e.g., help with product launch);
  • Provide objective expertise to help assess product and market viability, conduct insightful research, and develop effective strategies, plans & roadmaps.

As career product and marketing executives who have launched and managed hundreds of products and services, we offer the kind of real-world, execution-oriented expertise and pragmatism that larger firms staffed by career consultants simply cannot.

“The business enterprise has only two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.” – Peter Drucker

Deacon Lloyd Product Management Consultants
Product Innovation
Improve Innovation and Product Pipeline

Is your business challenged with too many mediocre product ideas? Are sales teams swamping your product team with tactical feature requests yielding minimal business value while distracting from high-value opportunities? You're not alone.

Ideating product innovations and objectively filtering, assessing and prioritizing product initiatives is one of the most common and critical challenges facing our clients. If this top portion of the product pipeline is broken, it's foolish to expect excellence in the resulting product portfolio.

Deacon Lloyd consultants help businesses improve product concept ideation, feasibility, and prioritization practices. If product management resources are constrained...Learn More

Product Development Consultants
Improve Product Development

We've all been burned by product development projects that take too long, cost too much, and don't even deliver what was expected. While it's easy to point fingers at the developers or engineers, we have found that these issues often stem from poorly prepared product management.

Deacon Lloyd helps clients redesign and deploy improved product development practices & processes. We'll also train product managers on proven best practices tailored to your organization. If needed, we'll even step in and help you manage a critical development project to not only ensure on-time, on-budget readiness but also serve as a learning opportunity for your organization...Learn More

Product Launch
Maximize Market Launch Effectiveness

You have big expectations for your new product or service. You've invested valuable time, energy and resources to conceive and develop it, so why jeopardize its success with a weak launch and rollout? Why not ensure you do it right?

Our product marketing consultants help clients design and execute new product launches as well as ongoing strategies and programs to build and sustain momentum. When you think of all that must happen to successfully launch, market, sell and support anything new, you can quickly appreciate the potential value that Deacon Lloyd consultants bring to the table. We help ensure the entire effort is coherent and effective...Learn More

Product Strategy
Optimize Product Strategy & Planning

Think of the best products and services introduced over the past 20 years. Do you think their creators and product teams suffered from lack of vision or strategy? Was there no advance thinking on product value, positioning, evolution, etc? Of course not.They were born from market insight, thoughtful vision, and planning.

What would great product strategy & planning do for your business? Inspire customers? Displace competitors? Accelerate growth? Increase profits and profitability? Yes, yes, yes and yes....Learn More

Is your product management function strong? Read our article "Six Signs of Weak Product Management."

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