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“Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to master.” – Philip Kotler

Product Marketing Consulting

It's next to impossible to build market leadership without strong product marketing. Superior product marketing ensures products and services align with customer wants & needs. It improves sales effectiveness, accelerates market penetration, and lowers cost of customer acquisition. Perhaps most importantly, it helps you establish market leadership.

The product marketing manager function is challenging, as it requires technical, analytic, creative, and strategic thinking skills. It also takes a deep understanding of marketing strategy; an investigative mentality to discern what the customer truly values; and an ability to grasp detailed product or service capabilities.

Our product marketing consultants have the skillset and experience necessary to help businesses bolster their product marketing management in multiple ways:

Market Research Improve Product Market Insight

Businesses often have a gap in customer insight. Marketing managers look at market segments and find ways to promote their brands to those markets. Product marketing managers, however, seek to understand product-level market dynamics to identify customer needs/priorities, competitive gaps, positioning and trends. Too often, this product-level customer intimacy and empathy falls through organizational cracks.

Yet, product-level customer insight is essential to almost all effective product management and marketing efforts. Our consultants will help your business develop the product market insight so critical for product innovation, product launch, and product planning.

Product Market Assessment Improve Product Marketing Skills

Many businesses have marketing teams adept at marketing communication programs to generate market awareness and interest. But too often they are constrained by inadequate skills when it comes to product market research, market analysis, product marketing strategy, pricing, and other product marketing functions. Investing in training or mentoring to bolster product marketing skills and knowledge almost always provides substantial long-term rewards.

Additionally, we often see minimal or no established practices and processes for handling product marketing functions. Our consultants will help your organization establish appropriate product marketing processes and train your team to maximize their effectiveness.

Product Ideation Provide Temporary Expertise

For businesses that have too much on their plate and not enough qualified product marketers, Deacon Lloyd can augment your team with highly seasoned product marketing manpower. We will help expedite and improve high-priority marketing initiatives. Our results-oriented consultants have not only the right expertise but also the experience to get things done the right way. Typically, we work on a project basis to help ensure organizations achieve their project objectives.

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